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Your point-of-purchase, digital media partner

Vengo is a small, interactive vending machine that is changing the way brands engage with consumers and bringing the impulse purchase to the impulse location. There are Vengo machines in New York City office buildings, bars and pubs. Soon machines will be located in trains, shuttles, buses, hotels and taxis.


• Patent-pending cartridge restocking process
• 10” HD Screen
• Dynamic video media
• Credit Card only
• Cloud-based monitoring
• 4.5” depth
• Sensor system for physical/digital checks and balances

How will Vengo create value
for your brands?


• Bridge the gap between consumption of traditional media and point-of-purchase
• Lower the barrier to purchase - attract new customers
• Take impulse purchase out of checkout line and to actual impulse location

Branded Digital Purchase

Customer Engagement

Your portal to obtain demographic information and engage with customers on an algorithmic basis
• 16% Voluntarily email entry for email receipt
• Brand ambassadorships to loyal consumers
• Samples to repeat non-purchasers
• Special offers to targeted demographic