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CC Vending has always been in the forefront of vending technology. From the early days of Digital Exchange (DEX) to today’s wireless polling and dynamic routing, we have led the way. As a VMI affiliate, we will soon be launching our propriety “Sprout” device, a combination of wireless technology and cashless payment systems far ahead of current industry capabilities. Some of our technology advantages include:

Reliable Equipment

CC Vending uses only state of the art vending equipment. These state of the art machines all feature bill acceptors that take $1, $5 and $10 bills as well as the ability to be fitted with Debit/Credit Card Acceptors. All machines meet UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standards and are Energy Star certified.

Wireless Data Exchange

CC Vending machines are equipped with a wireless transmitter that allows us real time, up the minute access to the machines sales and activity status. Alerts flash for such problems as low inventory, temperature issues for refrigerated machines, and inactivity due to non-functioning cash acceptors.

Wireless Data Exchange also allows CC Vending to “Dynamically Route” our route drivers to fill the machines that need filling, when they need filling, with the exact products needed. This not only improves overall service efficiencies, we are reducing carbon emissions and fuel use as a result.

GPS Technology

In conjunction with Dynamic Routing, we extensively employ GPS technology to track vehicles and improve efficiencies. We are also able to respond to service calls with the nearest available team member for the fastest response times.

Cashless Vending Options

CC Vending works with a variety of cashless technology providers we make available to our clients. From campus hosted card based systems for educational facilities to credit and debit card acceptors, we are offering our end users more options to purchase their favorite vending products.


Guaranteed Delivery Systems

CC Vending machines are equipped with Guaranteed Delivery Systems such as “SureVend” and “GoldenEYE” to ensure that products that are selected from machines are delivered to customers. These systems feature an optical sensor which signals the computer control board that a product has been successfully vended. If no signal is delivered, the machine will attempt to deliver the product again.

Sprout Technology

CC Vending is the exclusive provider of “Sprout Retail” in the Metropolitan marketplace. Sprout is the next step in vending evolution, featuring a 5 point approach to building a relationship with our consumers. We like to see each vending machine as a separate “Store.” A store that provides Service, Healthy and Fresh Choices, Convenience and Value. See site »



FACT: In 2000, vending machines generated 14% of total foodservice sales in venues such as college campuses, factories, businesses, hospitals, and schools.