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First Class Service

CC Vending offers a complete array of the most popular Comprehensive Personalized Vending Services

CC Vending tailors vending programs to the individual needs of each client. We believe we can meet any criteria you set and fulfill any requests you may have.

Every vending company can offer you food and beverages. CC Vending became one of the nation’s largest independent vending companies by providing unmatched customer service. Our hands on management, focus groups, meetings and VMI affiliation allow us to set the standards for customer service in the metropolitan area.

Each account is assigned to a route service driver. All CC Vending route service personnel undergo an extensive background check and are bonded for the cash receipts they carry. Upon hiring, each driver completes a thorough 4 week introduction and training program to ensure they will be fully capable to fulfill our client’s needs. Nearly 30% of hires cannot or do not complete the training phase of our program.

Once initial training is completed, route drivers receive a two week introduction to the territory or route they will service. A variety of managers, supervisors and senior route drivers accompany the trainee at this phase to offer different insights into customer service.

Each route service driver is assigned to a District or Regional Route manager (DRM or RRM.) These managers serve as the primary point of contact with our customers. Weekly or monthly customer visits and follow ups as well as daily interaction with the route service driver are the key components of the DRM/RRM position.

CC Vending also has a strong and dedicated Inside Customer Support work group. These skilled professionals are available to assist our clients and customers with any support needs.

All CC Vending machines are affixed with a label prominently displaying our toll-free customer service number.

Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Our goal is to have all of our machines operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When something goes wrong, we want it fixed ASAP. Our normal response time is from notification is three hours with expected repair completion within 24 hours. Any machine that cannot be repaired within 72 hours will be replaced or removed.

CC Vending employs a full staff of trained and uniformed mechanics. We can also draw mechanics from Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola as needed for repairs. All mechanics carry a wide variety of spare parts to facilitate immediate repair when possible.

Route drivers are trained to perform simple maintenance at each fill and generally can perform routine repairs to our vending equipment.

Vending Technology has advanced significantly in the past few years. In the past we relied on loading up trucks and filling scheduled machines, we now use wireless technology to tell us not only which machines need service, but exactly what products we need to fill them correctly. Where vending machines once only accepted coins, our machines now accept multiple denominations of bills, credit and debit cards and coupons. Additionally, clients will have direct access to our ‘Vending Cloud’ hosted management software solution. We offer “Log on-Look in” to our clients.


FACT: The United States government began granting patents for coin-operated vendors in 1896.