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Our Exclusive “Right for You/Right for Your Health” Program

CC Vending offers our clients a wide variety of “Healthier Choice” snacking items in our vending machines. While all consumers do not take advantage of the healthier options provided, CC Vending is committed to not only providing the choice, but to promoting those products and increasing consumer awareness of the healthier option. CC Vending sets aside between 25% and 40% of the selections in snack machines for healthier choice selections. Additionally, we mark healthier choice selections with colored tags to signify the healthier option.

Our Healthier Choice selections meet nutritional standards listed in statements by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and contain
no more than:

  • 35% of calories from fat (excluding nuts)
  • 10% of calories as saturated fat (excluding nuts)
  • 35% of total weight from sugar
  • 400 mg of sodium per serving