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Going Green

CC Vending, Inc. is committed to offering our clients environmentally friendly services. We are committed to reducing our consumption of fuel, energy and water, as well as reducing our carbon emissions companywide.

Our green initiative includes a multifaceted approach to reduce energy consumption throughout our company.

  • Using local product suppliers to reduce transport emissions and fuel use
  • Deploying Energy Star Certified vending machines
  • Dynamic Routing and GPS to reduce fuel consumption and emissions
  • Providing recycling bins and “Reverse Vending” redemption machines
  • Examining every component of our business to determine how best to reduce consumption and our carbon footprint.
  • Educate our staff members on ways they can become greener in their everyday lives

Reverse Vending Machines for Clients

CC Vending is excited to be among the first vending companies in the United States to offer clients the Tomra “Reverse Vending” Solution. A large majority of beverage drinkers surveyed said they would recycle containers if it was more convenient to do so.

Reverse vending machines work much like regular vending machines except that it accepts (empty) containers and dispenses cash. These machines are growing in popularity in places that have mandatory recycling or container deposit laws, or at facilities that are especially environmentally conscious.

Reverse vending also alleviates a percentage of trash a facility needs to dispose of. Reduced waste pick up and carting costs are another advantage of reverse vending machines.

CC Vending recycles over 30 tons of cardboard and paper every year!